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Weddings Day 2

Weddings Day 2

A lot of wedding couples have started to ask me about providing the music for a day 2 wedding. We have started to see a return to 2006/2007 levels of wedding spend but at the same time couples are a lot more savvy in looking for the best deals and the best service providers than couples that got married in the Celtic Tiger days.


When it comes to day 2 you have to ask and answer some questions yourself before that decision is made.

“Are you getting married on a Friday or a Saturday, so will Day 2 be on a Saturday or a Sunday?”

“Did you travel far from your home to the reception venue?”

“Do a lot of your friends have young children?”

Now these are just some questions that you should ask because you could plan for 60-70 people at day 2 and due to budget constraints, work commitments, taking care of kids, etc, you could easily end up with only having a handful of people turn up for day 2 when you have paid out for BBQ for a lot more. If you get married on a Friday, most people have to take a day off work. Getting married on a Saturday and day 2 on a Sunday when people have to work on a Monday is also something to consider.

I have had the pleasure to DJ at some great day 2 events. Most times the ‘deed’ has been done and couples are more relaxed and can enjoy the evening with friends and family. But plan it just as you would the wedding day. Get firm numbers, find a nice venue. Sometimes the hotel that the reception was in have a bar, or a smaller function room or better still find a nice gastro pub that offers everything you need.

When it comes to food, cater to slightly less than what you have invited for day 2. Not everyone wants a burger, chicken, a sausage and a range of salads followed by dessert. Its a handy way to cut down the expense a little if you are being charged on a per head basis.

I am and always will be a wedding DJ but when I say do not bother with a band I am not having a go at some great wedding bands out there. Wedding Day 2 is more relaxed. As a DJ I would have some nice light funky foot tapping music on. Remember some of your guests may have gone a bit overboard the previous night and will take a bit of time to recover. As the evening progresses I would kick off the party again.

The final thing I would say about Weddings Day 2 is that I will always be in a better position to offer a better deal based on offering my services for 2 nights instead of 1. So if this is something you are considering for your wedding day please get in contact by email or call me on 0872903388



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