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Wedding DJ Advice

Wedding DJ Advice

It may be an old saying, it may be just made up. Good DJ’s aren’t cheap and cheap DJ’s aren’t good!

This is one statement that is ringing through in my head a lot in the last few months. We are in wedding season, plain and simple. It is the busiest time of the year to get married and anyone that can hold a guitar, has a cd player or knows their way around a disposable camera is calling themselves a ‘wedding expert’.

This is so far from the truth and it is one reason why I would ask you to stop, take a moment and carefully plan out your wedding. Its all well and good spending a small fortune on the dress, and reception and honeymoon and favours and a round of drinks only to cut back on the entertainment. So many people I know have done this. “Ah sure the band is providing the DJ”, “There is an ipod on”, “We found a DJ for €100”. All these lines have been said to be in one form or another over the years. So you have no problem buying a round for the toast for your guests that will cost around €500 but when it comes to entertaining you and your guests you dont want to pay over €100!?

One of the biggest problems that I have seen happen this year is the rise of the €100 DJ. This is the guy that is a DJ for the crack like, few quid and a few pints. He has an inferior sound system, an inferior music knowledge and more often than not will let you down. At least once a week I will get a call from a panicked bride or groom saying that their DJ has cancelled on them for one reason or another. All this because you thought I will save €200 or so out of a €20k wedding!

DJs come in all shapes and sizes but the main thing to ask yourself is, does my DJ have a website, a facebook page, can I meet him in person, can he be recommended by others, does he have a good reputation, does he have the musical knowledge, will he take song suggestions etc. These are just the basics of what any reputable DJ should have.

As you read this blog I do not want you to be scared BUT 2 stories that I heard this year and the very reason why you should always book a professional DJ.


DJ arrives at venue. He plays music off youtube videos. No wifi and no 3G from the dongle. No music, night ruined.


DJ arrives at wedding. No requests, no music knowledge, no nothing. His music knowledge extends to house and techno, night ruined.

This is my full set up. To me, this looks professional and it looks like this DJ knows what he is doing.



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