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Bellingham Castle – Catriona&Paul

Bellingham Castle – Catriona&Paul

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Once again I am taking a look at some of the best venues in Ireland that I have had the chance to play in and view in the past year.


When you are a working DJ in the wedding industry you can really look forward to playing in certain venues. I recently had that chance with a return to Bellingham Castle in County Louth. This is the most wonderful venue in the North East of the country that deals exclusively in weddings. From the minute you walk in the door to the main function room everything you see is catered to providing the very best for your wedding reception.


When you are organising a wedding or even a part of it there are times that you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the day. That is one of the great things about Bellingham Castle. Firstly it has 19 bedrooms. Not only that but there are plenty of rooms with comfy couches and chairs that the “older generation” or even those a bit younger can sit down and relax in. Reception is right beside those rooms for those who might want to avail of some bar service.


When you move downstairs towards the main function room there is the late bar and just the quaintest little kitchen that is really popular to sit, have a cup of tea and and a slice of wedding cake. There are also little snugs and quiet areas to sit down at.


As you move into the main function room it is obvious that this has been built with weddings in mind. It is beautifully laid out, dance floor in the middle of the room.


There is something about DJing in Bellingham that is just brilliant. The last couple of times that I was there the groom dressed as Darth Vadar. Before that the groom and groomsmen got on a table and lets say they table was on the losing end. Catriona and Paul’s wedding was beyond epic for those who remember the 90s and what it was truly made of. None of your MANIAC 2000 here but the older 90s version together with lots of Five, Spice Girls, Prodigy, Darude, Southside Spinner, Alice DJ and so much more!!


Bellingham Castle is the one stop wedding venue in the north east. It should be on your visit list if you are venue hunting.


The ONLY thing is Ferdia, the Irish wolfhound is no longer there. He has retired but alive and well and living on a farm.


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